HOH 014
"Whore of Bethlehem" 2CDdigi

"The storm has reached it's peak and the ARCHGOAT is ramming it's way through the darkest of night! Holding in his hands he bears 9 new evil hymns which are like they were created during the first years after his infernal birth, 17 years ago... They echo of Satanic darkness, crushing sounds of hell and blasphemous lyrical rituals, all summoned by the 3 loyal goatdemonsoldiers under his black sigil! On his neck hangs the cross of inversion, mockery to the WHORE OF BETHLEHEM and her bastard son! As the lightning flashes the horrible vision of final Harmageddon is revealed to the mortal world, never before this deeply dark and demonic as this! Prepare to WORSHIP or PERISH under the hoofs!!!"

ARCHGOAT "Whore of Bethlehem" is released as a doubledigipack in 1500 copies featuring a grand embossed digipack with a videoCD of their rituals in 1993 and 2006, 13 years of time between but the darkness has not faded to light at all.

Regular jewelcase version is unlimited.